Made to Endure.

SDX is our specially engineered twisted fibre technology that features exceptional colour-fastness, outstanding wear-performance, and respects the natural environment.

The colour you choose today is the colour it stays.

Colour pigments are locked into the molecular structure of SDX fibres, rendering exceptional clarity and colour-fastness — even with prolonged exposure to the harsh African sun.

Made to be used.

Carpets manufactured with SDX have outstanding wear performance characteristics even when subjected to heavy traffic and harsh cleaning agents.

A light footprint.

SDX is a process with sustainability at its core. SDX carpet manufacturing includes a single-step spinning and colouring process, waterless and pollution free manufacturing, and high yields with low scrap.

Permanent colour
Uniform colour
Bounce-back benefit
Contemporary colourways
10-year warranty
Environmentally friendly

Low-impact manufacturing
Single-step spinning and colouring process
No water used in manufacturing
High yields, low wastage

How it Works.

ColourLock Technology provides SDX carpets with better tensile strength and superior colour fastness to sunlight, bleach and other cleaning chemicals.
Trilobal Fibre retains soil at the carpet surface where it is easier to remove and refracts light to produce more vibrant, saturated colours.
High Precision equipment is used to manufacture tighter, denser, and more luxurious and resilient carpets.
Hard Twist Process produces a unique frieze appearance with high-quality tip definition for long-term appearance retention, reduced shading effects, and enhanced soil-hiding properties.

The SDX Collection


Belgotex presents Aqua, a distinctive level cut loop broadloom flooring solution. Inspired by the vast and serene ocean spaces, Aqua brings tranquillity into interior spaces. It's an ideal choice for hospitality or executive areas, providing an upscale and refreshing appeal. With a broad colour palette that allows for a plethora of design options, Aqua can be installed as wall-to-wall or loose-lay rug options, offering both versatility and a transformative aesthetic.


Belgotex brings you Baltimore, a meticulously crafted wall-to-wall carpet solution tailored to the requirements of the corporate and hospitality sectors. Baltimore stands out with its unique yarn system, designed to minimise surface "shading" for a uniform and consistent appearance over time.


Introducing Belgotex's Blend, an enduring and elegantly subdued Stainproof SDX carpet range. This product has been carefully crafted to resist visible soiling in high-traffic areas. Its tone-on-tone colour schemes are designed to pair seamlessly with various Belgotex tile ranges and are aligned with the latest colour trends.

Accelerate - Boost

Introducing Accelerate Boost from Belgotex, a robust multi-scroll loop pile flooring solution crafted for a dynamic pace. The essence of Accelerate lies in its patterned aesthetics that seamlessly blend into spaces, making it the preferred choice for institutions, hospitality environments, and commercial spaces. Accelerate is available in versatile formats - standard tiles, custom-size planks and tiles - and offers a palette of colours that adds vibrancy to any room.

Cast - Exposed

Belgotex presents the Cast Exposed collection, a commercial carpet range that embodies the aesthetic of concrete with the comfort and durability of a carpet. This broadloom carpet series is distinct in its pattern colour placement and robust performance, offering six colour options and two designs: Exposed and Stripped.